Ramona Ramdial : Promised Crime Fight-Back?

Ramona Ramdial : Promised Crime Fight-Back?

Promised crime fight-back?

..MP Ramona Ramdial calls for urgent response to killings


The army base that National Security Minister Edmund Dillon said would be set up in Chaguanas to combat rampant criminality in the area, is yet to happen and Member of parliament Ramona Ramdial is calling the government to account.

Ramdial said that law enforcement had to act immediately in the case in Freeport shortly after midnight on Wednesday when gunmen fired in a birthday party, killing three and wounding four. There have already been five murders for the year.

Ramdial said in a press release: “In addition to these shootings and murders there is also an increase in robberies of businesses and homes. The businesses in Central are reeling from the negative impact of crime. Constituents are living in fear daily as they go to sleep wondering if their lives and property will fall victim to the criminals.


There is also a situation where there is lack of adequate resources for the Police to do their work. Just last month we were made aware by the Couva Police that there are only three vehicles available for use at their station. This is unacceptable and untenable in light of the circumstances.”.

Ramdial said that a call was made early last year for joint police army patrols to which Minister Dillon promised the establishment of an army base in Chaguanas as of December 2016.

“We are yet to get confirmation of this. As a country we cannot and must not continue like this where citizens live in mortal fear daily. Our leaders, especially those entrusted with the responsibility for safety and security of the nation must step up and act now. Trinidad and Tobago is fed up of the talk and we the people deserve more”, Ramdial said.



Promised crime fight-back?
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