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Shannon Banfield mom feels others’ pain

Shannon Banfield mom feels others’ pain

Shannon Banfield mom feels others’ pain

DESPITE her own grief, as she struggles to come to terms with the murder of daughter Shannon Banfield, Sherry Ann Lopez is still feeling the pain of other mothers whose children have gone missing in this country.

“As a mother you don’t want to know your child is out there missing.

I would have preferred not to choose, but given the options closure is what we would have to go with. My heart really goes out to all those mothers and families who still have missing children and I will always keep them in my prayers,” Lopez said. “Nowhere is safe anymore. I am pleading with the younger generation, please be vigilant wherever you go, always move in groups for safety and be alert at all times.” Yesterday, at Newsday’s head office in Chacon Street, Port-of- Spain, Lopez indicated that nothing is “too little to overlook” and crime not only takes place at night but can happen anytime and anywhere.

“Community Defence recently launched an app where you can call ‘SAFE ’and submit anything that looks suspicious. I think it is an excellent app and I am advising young people not just to continue to be careful but if they see anything or feel uncomfortable where their safety is concerned, report it.” Lopez added, “I also want to encourage them to speak up because you may see something and may over look it, like nothing is too little to over look. It is not just late at night anymore, crime is taking place in our country anywhere at any time.” Lopez explained that at the moment she cannot find it in her heart to forgive anyone over the murder of her daughter. “It is unbearable to live with the loss of my child on a daily basis. I will never get to see her walk down the aisle or fulfil her dreams. Her life was taken away too soon. Shannon was a role model to others and everywhere she went she left a positive impression on others especially children,” Lopez said.

On December 8, Banfield’s body was found on a shelf hidden under cardboard boxes in a room on the third floor of the IAM & Co Ltd warehouse store on Charlotte Street in Port-of-Spain, three days after she was first reported missing.

An autopsy revealed that she was murdered via smothering.

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