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Year in Review: 10 strange murders of 2016

Year in Review: 10 strange murders of 2016

Year in Review : The nation’s crime rate soared to unprecedented levels in 2016, leading citizens to clamour for emergency measures to deal with crime.

Here are 10 strange murders which shocked the country:


1. Shannon Banfield

It was a crime that shocked the nation. 20-year-old Shannon Banfield told her mother she would be stopping in two stores on Charlotte Street, Port of Spain, before heading home on December 4.

After she never came home, her mother led a frantic search hoping to find her.

The nightmare. However, came true on December 8. Located in the storage room of home goods store, IAM and Company.

Dale Seecharan, charged with her murder.


2. Four-year-old beaten to death

Four-year-old Jenice Figaro died on November 24, 2016, after she had a meal of French fries given to her by a female relative.

An autopsy later revealed that she died of blunt force trauma to the head and abdomen. A woman has arrested in connection with the murder.


3. Husband kills wife, self in Trincity

It was a horrific, tragic crime that shook the country on August 28, 2016.

Rosemarie and Edrick Blackburn. Lived in a quiet suburban neighbourhood in Trincity. Rosemarie, killed in her bathroom. Edrick later shot himself in his car.

Blackburn allegedly confessed to killing his wife to a neighbour, before driving off to kill himself.


4. Bodies found floating

The nation reeled Floating in the waters off Trinidad’s shores:


5. Bodies found in precipices


6. Men found dead, faces painted

On November 25, the bodies of two men were found tied together, with their eyebrows shaved off and lipstick on their faces. Two men were taken into custody in connection with the murders.


7. Woman’s body found on Wrightson Road

The body of Natalie Smart was found on Wrightson Road on November 14 was initially thought to be a hit-and-run, however autopsy results showed Smart died as a result of blunt force trauma.

Her case remains unsolved.


8. Couple murdered

The gruesome murders of 48-year-old Raj Sookhai and 45-year-old Ann Marie Bain. The result of a car deal gone wrong.

Sookhai’s was found on Manzanilla beach. Bain’s was found in an Arima precipice some hours later.


9. Couple burnt in car

The charred bodies of Siparia couple. Ardia Yearwood-Marchan and her husband Peter Marchan. Found in a burnt pickup-truck in Fyzabad on August 3, 2016.


10. Asami Nagakiya

It was a nightmare that gripped the country. The body of Japanese pannist Asami Nagakiya. Found under a tree in the Queen’s Park Savannah on Ash Wednesday morning.

International news agencies broadcast news of her death, bringing to light the country’s troublesome crime rate.

Her case remains unsolved.


Year in Review: 10 strange murders of 2016






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